Oracle Forms 2.0

 With QAFE, we have come up with a comprehensive solution to the growing demand for an effective and efficient strategy to migrate from Oracle Forms to the modern web. Making it possible to head both in the direction of Web 2.0 (think GWT and Adobe Flex, but also future standards) and move towards SOA. You don’t need to worry about the details. Thanks to QAFE, you can tackle the important tasks and ignore the fads. Just what you are looking for? Then you are most welcome to download our new Oracle Forms brochure for a clooser look.
Prefer the summary? ->
• No far-reaching investments necessary
• Developers with basic XML, SQL/PL-SQL knowledge can immediately be productive
• Great possibilities at a significantly lower licensing cost
• Unlock Oracle Forms for all browsers on all devices from one single platform
• Maximum ease and functionality for organizations, users, and developers
PS To increase the speed of development, we also have a wide range of tools which dramatically increase your productivity. You can find them here.

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