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Making Travel Plans? Don’t Miss Thursday, October 6th

Untitled Document Seven full hours with scores of educational sessions, capped by It's a Wrap! Would you leave in the eighth inning of a World Series no-hitter? Excuse yourself before the last act of that acclaimed Broadway production? Make a hasty departure during a World Cup Final shootout? Not likely. So whatever you do, don't leave Oracle OpenWorld 2011 early.    Oracle OpenWorld 2011 begins Sunday, October 2nd, and it lasts all the way through Thursday, October 6th. In fact, Thursday offers a full day of sessions, so you can fill your schedule with classroom learning from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   When it's over, It's a Wrap! is your chance to connect with partners, industry leaders, and peers for one last time before you head for home. Gather at Yerba Buena Gardens from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and help us close out Oracle OpenWorld 2011 with the best of San Francisco food and entertainment.   So as you make your travel arrangements for Oracle OpenWorld 2011, remember, it doesn't end until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 6th. So pick a later flight. Or better yet, extend your stay and visit the Bay Area an extra day or three.   Save $500: Register Today   Check out all the great content and speakers lined up for Oracle OpenWorld 2011 and join us in San Francisco, October 2-6. We'll even help you make your case on why you should attend Oracle OpenWorld 2011, so register by the Early Bird deadline of July 29th and save $500.

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Save $500 The Easy Way

iStock_000000651302XSmall.jpgRegister Now for Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Here's a smart way to save big on Oracle OpenWorld. Just sign up during Early Bird registration, which is going on right now. You'll enjoy our biggest discount--$500--plus ensure your spot at the world's most exciting and prestigious technology conference of 2011.

So visit the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 registration page today. Signing up just takes seconds. And, the earlier you register, the earlier you'll get access to valuable information and tools that can help you make the most of your time at Oracle OpenWorld. While you're registering, you can also sign up for JavaOne and Oracle Develop and save hundreds more!

Oracle OpenWorld will feature more innovative sessions, demos, and exhibitions than ever--all created by and for Oracle business and technology users. So get ready to learn the latest techniques for optimizing enterprise networks, gain the inside scoop on technology breakthroughs, and meet with the strategists and developers who can help you propel your company into a more successful future. Register now for Oracle OpenWorld, October 2-6 and we'll see you in beautiful San Francisco!

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Let Your Ideas Be Heard

Oracle OpenWorld Call for Papers Closes March 27

Do you have an idea that could improve best practices? A real-world experience that could shed new light on IT? If you have ground-breaking insights you'd like to share, we have an audience of tens of thousands who would love to hear it--at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.

Oracle OpenWorld attracts the world's most knowledgeable decision-makers, leading-edge developers, and advanced technologists. So get your bullhorn ready. The call for papers is open now for Oracle OpenWorld attendees.

All you have to do is submit your presentation--one that's rich in details and demos--by our deadline on Sunday, March 27, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. Take a look at our submission criteria and submit your paper today.

If your paper is chosen, you'll enjoy the privilege of presenting your insights to your peers, partners, and the press. Think of this as your shot heard around the world--only at Oracle OpenWorld.

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Super Saver Is Sailing

Save Up to US$700 Before April 1, 2011

Oracle OpenWorld is on the horizon. Yet, the chance to save on attending the world's best conference for IT developers, executives, visionaries, end users, and resellers is here now--but not for much longer.

Until April 1, you can save US$700 on the registration for the October 2-6, 2011 event in San Francisco. Think of all the OpenWorld sessions and demos you'll attend. Think of the insight you'll gain from the roadmaps, best practices, and tips. And don't forget the networking and meet-ups--all for less.

Don't miss out. Register today and save.

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Fujitsu Can’t Get Enough of OpenWorld

Highlights from Our Marquee Sponsor

fujitsu41.jpg If you attended Oracle OpenWorld this year, it's almost certain that you crossed paths with our Marquee sponsor Fujitsu.

On opening night, Fujitsu was announced as the "Oracle Global Industry Partner of the Year" and celebrated the award later that evening as a sponsor of the Oktoberfest-themed Welcome Reception. Bright and early the next morning, Fujitsu's Corporate SVP Noriyuki Toyoki gave a keynote to an enthusiastic crowd. The rest of the week Fujitsu presented sessions on everything from Oracle Fusion Midddleware to SPARC Enterprise servers. And they wrapped things up as a sponsor of the Appreciation Night festivities.

The Fujitsu folks had such a successful conference that they're trying to keep the good times going. Check out Fujitsu-Oracle Central for their recap of the big event. Along with the Fujitsu keynote, they have video interviews from the show floor with Fujitsu customers, product experts, and session presenters. Find out what Mr. Toyoki thought of his first visit to Oracle OpenWorld, why Debra Lilley is honored to be an Oracle ACE, and why Andy Seferta thinks it was a great experience to be a Marquee sponsor.

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Access All the OpenWorld Keynotes

Get the most out of your event experience by gaining access to hundreds of sessions you were unable to attend. All keynotes and breakout sessions (2,000 presentations) are available in an online streaming rich media portal.

Search all breakouts in one central repository. Search keynotes by attributes, including the spoken word; keynotes are available with synchronized video, slides, scrolling transcripts, and downloadable MP3s and MP4s.

Comment on and rate presentations and post your own content. Blog, participate in communities, and network with your peers.

* See the full details on Oracle OpenWorld On Demand * Preview Oracle OpenWorld On Demand portal

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Oracle OpenWorld Closes With "It’s a Wrap" Event

Attendees Enjoy Live Music, Sunshine, and Piles of Good Eats

foodwrap.jpgThe attendees may have been tired from a week of seeing, learning, and meeting. They may have been over saturated with technical info. Loaded down with swag. Ready to get on home. But they still showed up to close out Oracle OpenWorld 2010 at the "It's a Wrap" event on Thursday in Yerba Buena Gardens.

There was plenty of good ol' Rock 'n' Roll, with Oracle's own Tom Geck fronting the band.

"We're going to try and play one song from each of the (Appreciation Event) bands," said Tom.

And while the crowd called out for "Fergalicious," he offered up "The Joker" by Steve Miller.


That was close enough. Some people danced while others helped themselves to piles of hot dogs, tacos, salads and wraps, candy and cookies, and lots of cold beer courtesy event sponsor Tsing Tao.


The crowd grew. The food diminished. Then slowly, the crowd diminished until only the waiters and caterers were left to clean up.

And so, on the kind of warm, lovely day that has eluded San Francisco all summer, Oracle OpenWorld 2010 came to a close.



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Eclectic Lineup Rocks Treasure Island Appreciation Event

Live Twitter Feed Makes Attendees Part of the Act


Upwards of 25,000 customers and users, techs and execs, partners and vendors all came together and partied down at the Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Appreciation Event on Treasure Island. Nobody had trouble finding something to do, with entertainment that included a full carnival midway with lots of games and rides, tents and booths serving up food and drinks, a diverse lineup of musical acts, and a stunning full moon that rose over the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

On the main stage, Berlin opened with their hits from the 80s plus some modern-sounding new releases. Midway through their set, tiny Terri Nunn hopped onto a roadie's shoulders and took a tour of the audience, happily greeting fans and leading a sing-along.

"Can you believe this?" she asked the crowd. "What a company party ...!"


Next up, the Black Eyed Peas stormed the stage in full hip-hop regalia with dancers, props, and neon exoskeletons. They played a full set and left the crowd dancing and calling for more. Steve Miller closed things down with a long set that concluded with Terri Nunn back on stage for a duet.

BEP_Fergie_DSC68621.jpg On the indoor stage, the English Beat, Montgomery Gentry, and Don Henley kept their half of the crowd cheering and dancing to three genres--and three generations--of great music. Henley closed his set with the Eagles' Grammy-winning hit "Hotel California."

Between sets, two giant video screens scrolled through tweets that used the conference and Appreciation Event hashtags. There were tweets like these:

RT@mandiho426 Does your DB security provider hire Steve Miller band for you? #oow10ti Yea Oracle!

RT@briancharrison Black Eyed Peas were great at #oow10, but Montgomery Gentry is what American country is all about. Wish I had my hat and boots.

_MG_4972.jpgRT@arewold Hello Larry, I am a Java developer, and right now I like you quite a lot! #oow10ti #javaone

RT@larrywake Updating presentations to include new Oracle tagline "Hardware and Software Engineered to be Fergalicious." #oow10 #solaris

And the somewhat less fortunate:

RT@ghrd Huge queue at Moscone for party buses. From experience I strongly suggest taking a bus from a hotel #oow10

RT@binoy1 Can we apply some cache fusion to the food queues at #OOW10

RT@ddelmoli Where are the Oracle snuggies? It's cold out here #oow10

RT@rootwyrm Well, #oow10 has officially destroyed any hope of making deadline with their awesome music. Whoops!

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Enable the Eco-Enterprise Awards

Leaders in Sustainable Business and Technology Recognized

By Richard Levitt. Reprinted from the Oracle OpenWorld Daily.


Oracle's 2010 Enable the Eco-Enterprise Awards were presented to 15 customer-and-partner teams as part of the Sustainable Strategies for Business Operational Efficiency session on Wednesday. The winners all use Oracle products--and have deployed numerous other sustainable practices--to lower their carbon footprint and enjoy such fiscal benefits of green practices as reduced costs and improved business efficiencies.

Jeff Henley, Oracle's chairman of the board, introduced the session by saying, "The only way we're going to solve global warming and other sustainability issues is through technology." He then described his own commitment to green business practices, and how Oracle strives to lead by innovation and example. Following the awards presentation, Oracle CIO and Senior Vice President Mark Sunday, award recipients, and other sustainability experts contributed to a discussion of various eco-conscious IT decisions.

For example, Oracle's new datacenter in Utah uses a variety of forward-thinking techniques for lowering energy usage, resources, and cost. The heat from its servers evaporates reclaimed water to provide adequate humidity within the sustainably designed building. And the University of Massachusetts has taken an aggressive approach to virtualization, resulting in a 95 percent virtualized environment and saving cost, energy, and physical space.

Award recipients are Agencia Nacional de Aguas (National Water Agency-ANA), Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, Costco Wholesale, Essex County Council, Farmers Insurance, Fitness First, Iberdrola Renewables, Interpark, Intertek, MercadoLibre, Northern Arizona University, Sandia National Laboratories, University of Massachusetts, and Verizon Wireless.

Winning partners are Capgemini, Fujitsu, ImageSource, Knowledge Global, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oracle, Project Partners LLC, and Unimix Tecnologia.

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Ellison Highlights History-Making Innovations

By Rich Schwerin. Reprinted from the Oracle OpenWorld Daily.


In his second keynote address of the week, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison took the stage following a BMW ORACLE Racing America's Cup highlights film. "I never get tired of watching that video," said Ellison, who then recapped a number of significant new products before turning the spotlight on Oracle Fusion Applications.

"This week we've announced more new technology innovations than at any time in the history of Oracle," said Ellison. "If you engineer hardware and software to work together, you get a much better overall system and the overall user experience is better, like the iPhone. Most industries work that way, whether you drive a Prius or my favorite commuting car, the Bugatti."

Ellison reviewed more than a half-dozen new products, including the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Exadata Database Machine X2-8, Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, MySQL 5.5, Oracle Solaris 11, a Java roadmap including vector 2-D and 3-D graphics, and more. "Exalogic runs everything. It's a cloud in a box," explained Ellison. "Exalogic is Big Iron without a big price."

For the remainder of the keynote, Ellison then focused on Oracle Fusion Applications. "When we started in early 2005, we knew we needed to put the very best features from Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards into the next generation of applications," said Ellison. "We combined the applications middleware team with the Oracle Fusion Middleware team, and we extended the middleware to support the applications."

"Oracle Fusion Applications are built using industry standards-based Java middleware, and integrated with business intelligence, not just process automation," said Ellison, outlining the key design principles. "The user experience is modern, consistent, and productive, with Web 2.0, social networking, and collaboration built in. And it's SOA-based, to simplify integration, and SaaS-ready."

"Oracle Fusion Applications are truly next-generation, with 100 modules available simultaneously in [calendar] Q4," concluded Ellison, "and with general availability early next year, it's the largest software launch in Oracle history." He then introduced the Oracle Fusion Applications team--Steve Miranda, senior vice president, applications development; Christopher Leone, group vice president, application strategy; and Anthony Lye, senior vice president, customer relationship management--who demonstrated four sales-focused business flows: planning, prospecting, field execution, and order fulfillment.

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